Friday, February 12, 2010

Back To The Future!

DAMN! So it's been a really long time since we have updated this thing. Almost a year and a half, but probably cause we have been super busy the whole time. Let's see.. we went to west coast, got trashed in Tijuana, all over Europe, spent a month down south, have recorded over an album's worth of songs, and Jim got married! I'll get to all of those topics individually, and in the next few days I kind of want to give each of them the attention they deserve at least for posterity's sake, since our absence from here might have put everyone to sleep.


SO OK! I'll start it off with our trip to Europe, which was one of the most amazing times that any of has ever had. We met a ton of rad kids and played with some amazing bands such as DD/MM/YYYY, An Albatross, Sonic Boom, No Age, Death Set, Juiceboxxx, Yip Yip, The Juan Maclean, Electric Electric, Slaraffenland, and others. We went to Koln, Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Weisbaden, Leipzig, Heidleberg, Amsterdam, Milan, Aaura Switzerland, Munich, St Etienne, Bordeaux, Noirt, Rennes, London, Wales, Nottingham, and a few other cities that I'm sure I'm forgetting. After 32 days and about 30,000 ounces later, we definitely felt pretty fucking awful. But well worth it. We had shows in basements, youth centers, squats, a battleship, discos, crazy shit. Then we topped the trip off by seeing Lighting Bolt in Brussels, getting lost, and somehow making our way back to Frankfurt to fly back to the States after the shittiest 20 hour train ride of all time. –Jason

So yeah here's some photos!

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